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Edmonton New Remand Centre

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The New Edmonton Remand Centre Project contains all nec¬essary electrical and security systems segregated to one campus style site similar to the Saskatchewan Penitentiary. It can be considered as one of the most state of the art pen¬itentiaries in the country with all mission critical systems backed up for full redundancy operation.

The New Edmonton Remand Centre is being built in North Edmonton to replace the existing remand center located in downtown Edmonton. The campus includes a 41 Acre (16.5 Ha) site with nine buildings totaling approximately 620,000 sq. ft. to house 2,000 inmates, with provisions for three planned future buildings to bring total capacity to 3,000 inmates in the ultimate build out. Each building includes physically separate corporate and security systems rooms, with Category 6 horizontal cabling within each building and single and multi- mode fibre optic backbone to central corporate and security data centers located in the CoreAdministration building on site. Telecommunication infrastructure includes blanket wireless (802.11n Wi-Fi and 700MHz DAS) coverage within all buildings (excluding cells, with provisions for future cell coverage. Data center and telecommunications infrastructure is broken down into two groupings, totaling six separate networks:

Corporate networks:
- Corporate / Administration, includes
Quantity take-offs
Access Control / Biometrics (Inmates)
Trust Accounts (Inmates)
- Medical
- Power SCADA & BMS
- Video Court/Video Arraignment
- Video Visitation

Security network applications include:
2,700 IP cameras initially, with up to 3,200 in ultimate build out
- Detention Door Control System
- Intercom System
- Access Control / Biometrics (Staff)
- Duress Alarm System Perimeter Intrusion Detection

The ENRC development includes a 400-stall staff parking lot, and a 200-stall visitor/staff parking lot. For each of the lots, MP&P designed the lighting, power (for parking plugs, lighting and security) and associated controls. The staff lot also includes a number of LEED-related provisions, such as additional measurement of power usage, a number of electrical vehicle charging stations, and similar.
Project design services include detailed design of all electrical and security systems:
- Site-wide: high voltage (13.8kV) utility and emergency power distribution in a ring configuration for reliability and servicing, complete with dual 13.8kV/2MW diesel backup generators.
- Buildings: low voltage (120/208V & 347/600V) normal power distribution, emergency and UPS power distribution, with UPS in each building, telecommunications, lighting, low voltage lighting control, life safety systems, CCTV, detention door control, access control, intercom system, duress alarm system, perimeter intrusion detection, data centers and associated pathways.
- MP&P was the prime electrical consultant overseeing the complete electrical & security scope and Genivar was the electronic security systems sub-consultant.

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