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Medicine Hat Regional Recreational Centre

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The role of Maskell Plenzik & Partners was to act as Bridging Consultant for this design build multi use project. The Medicine Hat Regional Recreation facility will host a multitude of venues and required careful planning to ensure all electrical, communication, security, data, lighting, professional sound is incorporated to meet the needs of the specific venue being held. The primary use of this facility is to host WHL level hockey games. Secondary usage would include concerts, tradeshows and other similar venues
The schematic design report was based around flexibility and scalability for future expansion. MP&P formulated the preliminary design report to identify all electrical requirements for this multi-use facility. The project is to be deigned based on LEED Silver. MP&P responsibilities include preparing preliminary design report, evaluating all proponents relative to the electrical discipline, providing recommendations to the end user based on individual proponent packages. Upon commencement of the design we reviewed design concepts to ensure expectations are met. Further to design review MP&P provided onsite construction services to monitor installation and materials utilized to ensure the contractor is meeting the original intent of the Terms of Reference Document prepared at the onset.

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