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Saddletowne LRT

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The project consisted of the LRT platform and a utility building to contain the electrical distribution equipment for the LRT electrical services.
The utility building is designed to provide shelter for the LRT electrical distribution switchgear and control equipment. The electrical design for the utility complex included electrical distribution, lighting and lighting control, emergency and exit lighting, fire alarm system, interior building grounding and infrastructure for security and communications.

The LRT platform design consisted of a one cabinet to house the platform electrical distribution equipment, public address system head end equipment and security head end equipment. The lighting design consisted of pole mounted ceramic metal halide fixtures down the center of the platform for the area without a canopy. The lighting under the canopy was mounted to the canopy supports and the heated pedestrian shelter. The glass heated pedestrian shelter had recessed lighting in the lower section and spot lighting in the wall “lantern” glass section.

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