Sensible incident diagnosis, defensible conclusions

MP&P Engineering has conducted approximately 500 forensic engineering investigations under Ken Maskell, P. Eng.

These electrical forensic examinations have included incidents relating to fires, flooding, freezing, overheating, outages, safety hazards, improper installations, code compliance, control failures, and equipment failures. Incidents investigated have varied from large multimillion dollar industrial losses to small residential circuit failures and consumer electronics failures. With years of practical consulting engineering experience throughout Western Canada, MP&P has the electrical resources to bring a balanced approach to our investigation.

MP&P Engineering participates in ongoing engineering and forensic training in both Canada and the United States to maintain its high standard of quality and service.

Additionally, active involvement in consulting engineering design keeps us up to date with the latest in industry advancements, the latest in code requirements, and an understanding of what is a realistic engineering implementation versus a purely theoretical approach. This allows sensible incident diagnosis, in combination with the application of first principles, to arrive at supported and defensible conclusions.

MP&P Engineering maintains membership in the following associations to remain engaged in the advancement of forensic sciences and employee training:

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Through involvement with the aforementioned associations, MP&P has training and field experience in: