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Shawnessy CO-OP Food Store

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The project scope was to renovate an existing grocery store of approximately 70,000 square feet while and phase the design so the store could remain operational during construction.
The electrical design consisted of revisions to the power distribution system, complete redesign of the lighting and fire alarm system, communications, CCTV and security systems infrastructure. Cable tray was run throughout the store to provide a central path for the CCTV and communications systems installed by the owner’s contractors. The existing fire alarm system had reached the end of life and required replacement. A new addressable fire alarm system was installed and was designed to meet the latest fire alarm and building codes.

A networked lighting control system was incorporated into the design of the produce area lighting to provide a system which could be modified without rewiring the lighting control of the fixtures. It provided flexibility to allow Co-op to adjust the lighting levels of the fixtures in the produce area based on product on display during different seasons. The lighting consisted of metal halide high bays and LED track lighting mounted over the product islands. In the aisles linear fluorescent lighting was installed to uniformly wash product on the shelves from top to bottom.
Common areas for sales are segregated into separate zones to turn on individual sections of the store based on different schedules for each department.

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